A Plea for Comments

Greetings, weary internet travelers,

What brings you by my humble establishment? Every day faceless, voiceless wanderers scurry through here, never speaking, never revealing their intentions. Lo, how a man is doomed to wonder. What doth thou think? How many of these empty statistics are repeat visitors, back to gleefully smile through these pages. Of what fair share are those who hate? Despisers who have come, viewed, and angrily left again with naught a word of criticism. This humble comicsmith does so ask: Wouldst thou please inscribe your thoughts and opinions on the scroll betwixt content’s end? Let the comicsmith know if there be fans or enemies he has, or simple legions of the unaffected. Speak so you may have spoke and grateful shall be I for such company.

‘Til the Muses Sway Further Tones,

Ryan Mullins


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